MD530F Helicopter

MD530F Helicopter
MD530F Helicopter

This MD530F Helicopter five-place single turbine has lengthened rotor blades to provide increased thrust and directional control. The aft cabin accommodates two 55-gallon drums, and the hook is rated for carrying a full one-ton load.

This MD530F Helicopter airframe has outstanding performance for numerous tasks within the construction, petroleum and forestry industries, not to mention various Paramilitary Operations as well.

MD530F Helicopter Standard Equipment list:

MD530F Helicopter Engine:Allison 250-C30 (650 shp)
Range:237 Miles
MD530F Helicopter Speed:154 mph
Gross Take-off Weight:3,100 lb
MD530F Helicopter Cargo Capacity:1,509 lb Internal, 2,159 lb External, 2,000 lbs Cargo Hook


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MD530F Helicopter